Gmc sierra rough idle when cold

Is there any modifications to the intake, engine or exhaust. If not I would check which ever sensors were not fixed. If you have lots of mods than. I have a GMC Sierra with about miles that has a rough idle when you first start in the morning. The normal idle is about RPM. Need a little help. I have a 99 with L. When first started in cooler weather the engine misfires, runs rough. Then it will rev way up and.

2002 chevy silverado 1500 rough idle My Yukon Has A Rough Idle Starting At 10 Seconds. Recently my L has been giving a rough idle on cold start only, no drivability issues. It starts fine, goes to /RPM as usual and after a. In the mornings when it is cold out the truck idles rough. Roughly like I am Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra) > using throttle body cleaner and removing the IAC and then clean the parts will help idle issues.I use a.

That may include but is not limited to vehicles from Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge, Cadillac, Chrysler, Jeep, etc. So, you Engine misfire can also be a contributor to rough idle under cold start conditions. The truck runs fine no obvious problem. So the past couple months I've noticed my truck has a really rough idle in the mornings when it is cold out, to the point where it has even died. After a few years, modern GM V8 engines are very prone to a rough idle and misfire when cold. The check engine light may also come on, with codesP

2003 chevy avalanche rough idle

GMC L TBI - Rough Idle/Stalling . The engine runs smoother at low rpm, idles well (engine cold or hot) and no longer stalls when moving the gearshift Let me say right up front, the truck seems to be running fine!. First of all, the l engine (could be all of the Vortec LS engines, don't know) is thirsty. It drinks a bit of oil. Be aware you could be looking at up. Tech notes. There is a factory service bulletin for the following GMC models: GMC Sierra GMC Yukon Condition: A vehicle may. I have a Sierra with a L and when its cold the first start of the day it starts up and idles high when you first start it like it supposed to and. A cold rough idle that diminishes as the engine warms up. 03 C1 C2 C3 K1 K2 K3 LR4 LM4 LM7 LQ4 LQ9 GMC Sierra Savana Yukon Denalli Envoy) and ( Have been having trouble with my truck for the past couple weeks. It seems to mainly be when it has sat for a long period or is cold. It idles very. Chevy Silverado/ GMC Sierra Forum - 95 GMC rough cold idle problem - I have a problem with my when I first start it up in the. The CEL will come on and I got it ran last night, it's the PD code for rough idle on cold start. I fill up at 2 different stations, chevron or shell. What are common reasons my Chevrolet Silverado has a rough idle? Idles rough only when cold,,, was pulling code po, replaced maf, and since still. Starts and runs/idles rough until you accellerate some the it smooths out and runs like it should. Cold start rough idle on a TBI . My truck idles so smooth now I have a hard time telling its idling except it still stinks:D . I have a 91 GMC Jimmy which idles horribly (and it has even stalled) when it is.