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Moce means goodbye. The 'c' in Fijian is pronounced 'th' so the correct way to pronounce the Fijian word for goodbye is 'mothay'. When visiting Fiji, knowing a few key phrases in Fijian is not only polite but also and saying ni sa bula (hello) or ni sa moce (goodbye). A collection of useful phrases in Fijian, a Malayo-Polynesian language spoken mainly in Fiji by about Please say that again, Tukuna tale mada.

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Inside Fiji: Important Phrases - Before you visit Fiji, visit TripAdvisor for the latest info goodbye please excuse me. yes thank you no eat village lady mister little. Example sentences with goodbye, translation memory. add example. en As we said our heartfelt goodbyes, one darling woman pleaded, “Sister Burton, please. So fijian is a pretty hard language to speak like sometimes the letter C is (Na valé ni seeli) I (ee) for inside, ki for outside; Good Bye (polite): moce (Mo-they).

Would you like to know how to translate Goodbye to Fijian? This page provides all possible translations of the word Goodbye in the Fijian language. Moce: (moth-ay) Goodbye. This can said more warmly or respectfully by adding ni sa ni sa moce. Sota Tale: (So-ta tar-lay) See you later, until next time. With this said most everybody speaks a local dialect of Fijian. Many of the So moce meaning goodbye is pronounced moe-they. d is nd as in candy.

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Fijian (Na Vosa Vakaviti) is the main language of Fiji. Good Bye: Moce (Mow- they): Nnee; No Worries: Sega na Lega (Senga-na-lenga); How Much?. General Fijian dialect (understood by all villagers at Fijian villages). Bula - Hello Moce (pronounced mothe) (XXX) au salako - Goodbye XXX I have to go. It's safe to say that wherever you go in the world local people will be We just thought you'd like to know a few Fijian words and phrases so. When saying goodbye to someone in Fiji, you just have to say the simple word moce (pronounced 'moe-they'). This word means both 'goodbye'. In the Fijian language to say hello, you say bula. To say goodbye you say moce. Posted by Chris Gummer at PM. Labels: fijian language, greetings. Fijians are very friendly and helpful, so remember to say vinaka after being correct way to pronounce the Fijian word for goodbye is 'mothay'. You might also . Nī bula. A less formal greeting (literally 'health' and 'life'). – Bula. Good morning. – Nī sā yadra. Goodbye/Good night (literally, 'sleep'). – Nī sā moce. Come here. A great time to say this is when meeting our friendly team at The Bula Club! extremely easy word to say while enjoying your trip translates to 'goodbye' and is . This Fijian dictionary is arranged by category for your browsing convenience. Goodnight or Goodbye - Moce or Ni sa moce (pronounced “mothe”). Pleased to. Learn about the official languages of Fiji, the origins of the Fijian language and the common phrases that you can use while Goodbye, sa moce, sa more there.