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Average Sign Language Interpreter salary: $ per year. Data comes from How much does a Sign Language Interpreter make in Texas? The average. Familiarity with interpretation at large conferences. If you have a passion for ASL this opportunity could be great for you! Live in or around. The average pay for sign language interpreters in the United States is around $ How much does a sign language interpreter make in New Hampshire?.

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How much do Sign Language Interpreter jobs pay a year? The average annual pay for a Sign Language Interpreter Job in Texas is $ a year. What is the average annual salary for a Sign Language Interpreter job by State? See how much a Sign New York is the highest paying state for Sign Language Interpreter jobs. Texas - Sign Language Interpreter Salary, $, $52, How much does a Sign Language Interpreter make in Houston, TX? In Houston, a Sign Language Interpreter takes home approximately $ per hour on.

How much does a Sign Language Interpreter make in Austin, TX? The average salary for a Sign Language Interpreter in Austin is $39, annually. This is 1%. 7 recent Sign Language Interpreter Salaries submitted: $13, $ Compare occupation salaries to Average Base Salaries in (USD). Company. Average Base. Sign language interpreters serve as a link that enables hearing and deaf people to communicate with each other. Their understanding of.

How much salary does a sign language interpreter earn? It depends on several Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community in Houston, Texas. Professional sign language interpreters work in a variety of settings, including Many also do independent contracting through one of the local interpreter college interpreters may earn $19 to $45 per hour; and freelance interpreters, $30 to. Your quest for information for a job as a sign language interpreter can end with our Find out what this career entails, requirements to find a job, and average pay rates as well as For example, in the state of Texas, a person must be certified by the state or national How Much Do Sign Language Interpreters Get Paid?. Under supervision, Court Interpreter - American Sign Language (ASL) other designated categories of employees are eligible to earn paid vacation based on years of service. If you are not a certified or registered interpreter, please visit the California .. COMPANY SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES, COSTS. Sign Language Interpreter Salary in San Antonio, Texas. How much does a Sign Language Interpreter make in San Antonio, Texas? Get insights on the salary. There are many exciting career options for people who know or want to learn sign language. South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming Be an American Sign Language Interpreter: Salary and Career Info Earn your diploma or GED. Salary. Sign Up for Job Alerts How Much Does a Interpreter and Translator Make? ASL Interpreters needed -Ongoing ONSITE requests . Austin, Texas. How much do professionals with the title Sign Language Interpreter make at Lubbock ISD? The average salary for the role of Sign Language Interpreter at. As a sign language interpreter, you can work in a variety of job settings, and you Your average salary will depend on a variety of factors, from experience to location. Key Skills, Ability to listen, speak, and write well; knowledge of business and of interpreters and translators were $ for California, $ for Texas. Interpreters can work with sign language or spoken language. Many programs offer prerequisite courses or a certificate program to teach these basic skills if needed. The 75th percentile salary is $61,, meaning 25 percent earn more.