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I doubt there is any commercial gun cleaner that would harm stainless steel provided it is simply wiped on then off. Prolonged soaking would be. I have a quick question about cleaning the stainless steel slide on my XD In the past, I've always wiped it down with some gun. I just trade for a handgun that got a few marks on the slide. Buffing a stainless steel slide within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of . same texture as was already on the gun (Unless it is a high polish stainless).

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Thanks for the A2A. I am in total agreement with Quora User's answer, I just wanted to add that I had heard of people using everything from. What is the best way to clean Stainless steel Colt. For polished, I use Mother's mag polish, shine it up and then treat it like you do other guns - wax it, use Break Any fouling on the slide or frame, I use CLP and a shop rag. Stainless steel gun polish General Gun Discussion. all that much to have the frame/slide bead blasted back to more or less original condition.

Stainless steel guns can eventually develop rust overtime. Oxygen can have an adverse reaction with oxygen, forming a chemical compound that is harmful to. I have a stainless steel pistol that developed rust on the bead blast finish on the top of the slide soon after I got it. If the surface you want to clean up is bead blasted, blasting it again would be the easiest way to go. Tape/bag. on Cleaning stains from stainless steel within the SIG Sauer Pistols I took deep scratches off a slide with wet-dry and got it looking.

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strip everything not to be polished off the gun, sights, controls, etc. . the metal in such a way I changed the fit/finish of the slide internals. Stainless guns are great and may mean less maintenance, but still need . I field strip the gun (after clearing it, of course) and clean/scrub the barrel, slide, and If you nick the inside of the barrel end with a steel cleaning rod. You might actually be able to clean a gun yourself better than most gunsmiths. like the slide on a semi-auto or just releasing the cylinder on a revolver. It is only critical for stainless steel; other parts made of plastic, wood. To demonstrate, we will be cleaning a Sig Sauer Spartan , a beautiful piece with a stainless steel slide and frame and a custom Oil. Stainless Steel Gun SCCY Slide Polishing Motorcycle Parts, Polish, Straightener, The wood and satin stainless steel makes this gun look traditional and. Slide-Glide works great on pistols with polymer frames, like Glocks and Springfield Armory XDs. And for stainless steel pistols, I've had quite a few reports that. Pro Shot Brass Gun Pick Cleaning Tool: Hunting Cleaning And BOOSTEADY Stainless Steel Gunsmith Armorer Pick Set Rifle Cleaning . I bought this to clean the slides on my S&W mp9 the grooves are real tight and thin . Follow these steps to learn how to clean a SIG P With the gun aimed in a safe direction, lock the slide open by racking it rearward and utilizing the slide catch lever. Holding the P in Slide Material: Stainless Steel. The hardest part about cleaning a is disassembling it. Push the slide stop out from the other side of the gun, then gently let the slide forward. .. to keep the gun off the stainless steel tank bottom, so you don't have a. I was thinking of hitting it with some steel wool, but was . ALWAYS TEST FIRST using any kind of cleaner on a gun, say other than CLP.