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Coke and Mentos Prank: This prank us if you want a soda to explode on your friends. About: I Like to build things, make funny pranks and many more things. Mentos and Diet Coke Prank: This is hilarious prank! I'm an inactive K'nexer, I used to be one of the most active ones, but I have a lot of other things to do. All you do is drop a tube of Mentos candies into a bottle of soda. The carbon dioxide in the soda comes out of solution very suddenly, shooting.

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This is an awesome joke you can do on an unsuspecting friend or coworker. Learn how to pull a soda prank using Mentos ice cubes. Watch this practical joke . Watch this video to learn how to make a Diet Coke and Mentos bomb, a simple, yet devious exploding prank. Next up: how to con your victim. How to Do the Ice Cube Mentos Prank. We all know what happens when Diet Coke and Mentos mix together - you get an eruption of soda. But by freezing the.

2/2/ · How to Do the Ice Cube Mentos Prank. We all know what happens when Diet Coke and Mentos mix together - you get an eruption of soda. But by. 6/29/ · Mix - Mentos Diet Coke Prank Compilation YouTube TOP 10 HUSBAND VS WIFE How to Do a Diet Coke and Mentos bomb explosion prank. The prank is based on the widely known phenomenon of dropping Mentos chewy mints into soda to create an erupting geyser. Instead of just dropping the Mentos into soda, the pranksters suggest freezing a Do you get an erupting geyser?.

Heard of the Mentos and Diet Coke Prank? Read more how to make your own, and watch other people perform this prank on video. All Episodes (56) · Next · Mentos in Diet Coke PRANK Poster. Add a Plot» Photos. Add Image Add an image. Do you have any images for this title? Edit. Best prank ever using the diet coke mentos trick!! 1. Get mentos and diet coke- make sure it's diet 2. Fill and ice cube tray with water and put a mento in each.

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The actual prank start at about 42 seconds into the clip. I rigged her diet coke bottle with a mentos before she did her challenge:) Yale scientists make discovery that could someday change our understanding of what it. You've either seen the Mentos and Coke experiment on YouTube or amazing that it took this long for someone to actually try this prank, eh?. Hey guys Amy Rose here and today I'm gonna play a prank. I have a pack of mentos and a bottle of coke. And what I'm gonna do is tie a. Post with 58 votes and views. Shared by sam1tahsin. The look of pure terror. Good ol' Mentos/diet-coke prank. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people. I wanna try this so bad, but I am not sure the people I know would take the joke well. Diet Coke Mentos Prank - YouTube Anyone ever tried this?. Viviene pranks her sister Lily by rigging the Diet Coke bottle with a Mentos mint before she did her challenge Original video found via. We put mentos in a bottle of coke and when my dad opened the bottle we burst out laughing because it exploded all over the floor. Then my mum thought that. Videos for mentos prank. Mentos Diet Coke Prank Compilation - () But be careful some of them are gonna make your friends swoon or Star. Stars. Mentos Diet Coke Prank Compilation - () Subscribe to my 2nd channel How to Make a Coke and Mentos.