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Great recipe for Owo soup. This soup is a delta delicacy. Recipe for Owo Soup (Owo Evwri): Urhobo Style *********************************** **** Many thanks to Bo Obuks Vietobo-Ebuehi for sharing this authentic McCoy. Owo soup is a native Urhobo and Benin recipe you are sure to enjoy. Step 3: Leave it to cook and in a few minutes, you will notice that the.

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Owo soup is a delicious staple popular among the Urhobo, Isoko, Itsekiri and Benin people. It is a traditional soup prepared, mostly, during. preparing Owo Soup - Oghwo Ofigbo | Ogwofibo. 3. Dissolve the potash powder in 3 tablespoon of hot water, strain the mixture and carefully add the liquid into. This is my comfort zone, this is the owo soup I grew up eating. . Even better, if you are preparing a dish for the very first time using my recipe, you can be rest.

Urhobo Owho Soup is a delicious soup that Urhobo people from Delta State of Nigeria swear by. will not disappoint! How to Cook Urhobo Owho Soup [Video] . How to Prepare Owo Soup. Owo soup is a delicious Urohbo delicacy. It is believed to have a lot of beneficial medicinal properties; especially. How to prepare Owo Soup. Galleria Health and Lifestyle. Articles: How Healthy Are You?, links and resources about health and lifestyle in Nigeria.

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owo soup is very easy to cook Yet so Delicious kiss. Re: Urhobo Owofibo (oil Soup) Aka Owo Soup by AmakaOne(f): am On Sep 23, Benin owo soup recipes is more ore less a stew to eat boiled yams, sweet potatoes Preparation and cooking starts with washing the smoked fish or fishes , and. Cover the pot and allow to cook for about 10 minutes. Stir at intervals to prevent the soup from burning. Dissolve half of the potash powder in 3. I love to cook and this is the perfect excuse to make Owo (which isn't dry fish pour garri in owo mix starch owo soup by taje owo and starch. The Beni Owo soup is a traditional soup of the Southern region of Nigeria. It is a delicacy enjoyed by the people of Benin, Delta, Itsekiri, Ijaw. The ingredients used to prepare owo soup include: Assorted meat stock and fish. You can choose to use: Beef, Cow Skin (kpomo), Snails, Dry. There are other variations of this owo soup which is also an have owo soup but the preparation is different from the way the Binis cook theirs. Kitchen: Learn how to cook Benin Owo Soup. TVC E. This is a native Urhobo recipe you are sure to enjoy and would ask for more servings!. Owo soup has a lot of nutritional value, the ingredients and recipes and preparations look exactly like a stew preparation after the result. Description Traditional Benin soup cooked and served in earthenware pots and serve as Owo Soup. Edit Season, cover and cook for 10–15 minutes.

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