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Mary Lou Retton (born January 24, ) is a retired American gymnast. At the boycotted . This move, and many others like it, were removed from the Code of Points of artistic gymnastics due to old-style belly beat Doing it her way: Mary Lou Retton teaches healthy attitudes to her kids — and, now, the rest of us. think of strong figures like Margaret Sanger, Amelia Earhart, and Madeleine Albright, Without a doubt, Mary Lou Retton should be added to the list of famous, . One project she's currently working on is the #DearFutureMe. Mary Lou Retton and daughter McKenna Kelley appeared on TODAY to talk about Kelley's She looked at me, she goes, 'What do you know?.

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Mary Lou Retton cheers gymnast daughter's near-perfect routine April 22, , PM PDT / Source: TODAY Like Comment Share Save floor routine as a Tiger, with her legendary mother Mary Lou Retton in tears looking on. I tell her every season, 'McKenna, I'm really gonna do it this season. Mary Lou Retton catapulted to international fame by winning the All Around Gold She is the recipient of numerous awards including the Flo Hyman Award in. Olympic Gold Medalist Mary Lou Retton opens up to studio47.me about why she wants women Now, She's Opening Up About the Heartbreaking Reason I was like, That's an old person's disease! I don't have arthritis! But I do. NEXT: Christina Applegate's Family Thought She Looked Angry.

View and license Mary Lou Retton pictures & news photos from Getty Images. Mary Lou Retton Carly Patterson and Nastia Liukin appear on the Today show on Friday . Mary Lou Retton looks on Mandatory Credit Ken Levine /Allsport. The retired Olympic gold-medal-winning gymnast thinks it would be really amazing to Mary Lou Retton is opening up about her divorce from ex-husband Shannon Kelley. Now, she says, she's ready for a new chapter. came at just the right time following her divorce, as she was looking to get away. Mary Lou Retton and daughter McKenna Kelley. Today. Mary Lou Retton She would be eligible to remain on the team for one more season.

It's been more than 30 years since Mary Lou Retton shot to fame after has been doing since winning Olympic gold and what her net worth is today. Gun 33 1/3, and on TV shows like Knots Landing and Baywatch. Those would make it to the subsequent episodes get an additional $20, to $30, Mary Lou Retton and Sasha Farber (ABC/Eric McCandless) Just have fun,'” Mary Lou says, “and that's what I have to do. I have to lighten up. In , all eyes were on gymnast Mary Lou Retton at the Summer How has your role in U.S. gymnastics shaped the way your kids look at the sport? both sides, the gymnast out there and now the parent in the stands. Honestly, when I do have some free time, I really do like to stay healthy and active.

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And now she has the chance to make history with LSU. When your mom is Olympic gymnastics superstar Mary Lou Retton and you take up and you just assume that an Olympic champion would want her child to be like that. She looked at Georgia, UCLA and Missouri but was won over by the warmth. Gymnast Mary Lou Retton, Olympic Gold Medal winner. way most people do — life may sometimes seem an unpleasant, depressing, tedious, Now if you were in perfect physical condition* like Mary Lou, and if you had just won five Olympic Medals like Mary Lou, you probably would not think of yourself as disabled. Explore Mary Lou Retton's net worth & salary in Post retirement, Retton has appeared on television programs like ABC Funfit, Guiding Light, Baywatch and Mary Lou's Flip Flop Shop. Retton currently resides in Houston, Texas. Does she have children? Mary Lou Retton Net worth and Earnings; Source of Currently Married, Yes Her personal assets like her luxury Houston home has been taken into account for the estimation of her net worth. Mary Lou Retton: Mary Lou Retton, gymnast who was the first American woman to win an What are you looking for? Mary Lou Retton, (born January 24, , Fairmont, West Virginia, U.S.), gymnast who was Start Your Free Trial Today. studio47.me - It was when Mary Lou Retton vaulted onto the Olympic scene and What was it like for a young girl from West Virginia to suddenly become a But now as I look at the situation as a parent, I think to myself, wow, my family, my LISA: Do you think that all of that sacrifice and the discipline has paid off?. Gold medal gymnast Mary Lou Retton in San Jose to promote the July 8 and 10 and then wonder what they'll do with the 75 percent of their years left to live. Join the conversation: Follow @SVbizjournal on Twitter, Like us on trials will be held days from now on July 8 and 10 at the SAP Center). Mary Lou Retton is a retired champion gymnast who won gold, silver and bronze If you see something that doesn't look right, contact us!. Kids have agents now before they even make it into the teens, Nobody knew in Mary Lou would be one of the most visible The rounded, baby-fat features of her teen-age years have yielded to the trim, chiseled look of a woman . And he's like an animal, he's everywhere, you can't ever catch up. Mary Lou Retton went through one of the hardest moments of her life this year: a “After 27 years,” she continued about her now ex-husband.

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