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Stramit is an internationally recognised brand. Stramit boards and panels have been used successfully for over 50 years in more than twenty countries. Stramit. Oriented structural straw board (OSSB) is an engineered board that is made by splitting straw and formed by adding formaldehyde-free adhesives and then hot. To: Construction Discussion Forum Sent: Wed, Dec 15, pm. Subject: [construction] Straw Board - Stramit.

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The Stramit strawboard technology was invented in Sweden in the s. success of Stramit as an alternative partition material to gypsum board (eg , The product was called Stramit Board – Stramit being a derivative of the Swedish word for straw. From to the original primitive invention was refined. The manufacture of decorative boards and cladding panels became a booming industry .. Stramit panels consisted of straw without any additional products.

Stramit Board or compressed straw ceiling panels at St Elizabeth's Primary School in Dandenong North southeast of Melbourne. The ceiling system has been. The only Stramit board I have seen is mostly straw (over 90% ish) with some bonding material. These boards only had a small amount of straw. Anybody ever had to deal with these boards, I've got to price to remove tiles from 3 walls in a shower area and retile. I know that they are a.

Good morning all. I am in the process of decorating my bathroom and have found two walls made of Stramit board ( thick compressed straw. stramit, that rings a bell it is a house for sale a mate is looking at - that was the best photo I could find on the ad. might be looking at it tomorrow. If so what are the control measures required when working near to or stripping out Stramit board from roofs. National Federation of Roofing.

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We have an installation to install on a flat roof constructed of Stramit Board. This is basicly Straw board with a thin layer of concreate on top then. Stramit are also suppliers of FarLap, a roof expansion join PanelLock insulated panels from Stramit make for easy-to-install thermal performance. does any one know the requirements for mechanical protection of cables concealed within straw boards during or after construction.I spoke to a. Any suggestions on a good fixing method? I am fitting a towel rail and the walls are stramit board (straw) with plaster board over. studio47.me In UK think its called Stramit board . Here too commercialised as Stramit. M. Ken Mills Engineering help Stramit China improve their process of manufacturing their straw-board product for affordable housing projects. What's the best way to remove stramit board from a flat garage roof?. There used to be a decking board called stramit made of straw. If its just compressed straw it was probably installed for insulation - they used to call it pugging. Insulated Wall & Ceiling Panels. Stramit. PanelLock™ insulated panels provide a lightweight, environmentally friendly, insulated wall and ceiling system perfect. The material is known as Stramit, Stramit Board, CSB or CAF. Companies using older machines, occasionally with their own developments.

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