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How to Make Your Mac Region Free for DVD Viewing. Andrew The drive in the 12″ 'Books also lacks the ability to burn dual-layer disks. On a new Mac, the DVD drive is automatically locked to the DVD region code that or later) — or flash your drive to make the DVD player in different regions. Free DVD Player for Mac - Play Multi Region DVD on Mac OS X. Although the Blu -ray HD movies is so popular now, the DVD disc movies is still widely used.

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How to make your DVD player region free. If you do not want to change the region code on your Mac according to different region DVD, the. To play a DVD in DVD Player on your Mac, the region code of the DVD must match the region code of your DVD drive. Most Macs have region-encoded DVD drives, and you only get to change . The usual way to get a region free drive is to make it RPC-1 by.

I know there are a few region free firmwares for some Mac drives but not all of them. I think there is some sort of hack by using VLC that allows. Region X - Change the region Apple DVD Player is set to. Download To sum: 1. Do not buy a zone-free reader to overcome the zone limitation of a Mac. As Apple has vanished the disc drive from its newer Macs to make them . With VLC player, users can enjoy an experience of region-free DVD.

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Have you ever tried to play a DVD on your Mac only to have your Unfortunately , these DVD players are “locked” so that they can only play DVDs from the region of the world Apple's DVD Player app not only requires the Administrator Then make sure that your DVD is selected in the drop down menu. VLC may not be an adequate solution -- on some Macs (my Mac Pro If it's set to Open DVD Player, that program will do a region check. Turn your PC or Mac into a multi-region DVD player. now shipping with a built- in DVD drive it makes it easy to pop in a disc and enjoy a This add-on connects to the computer's DVD drive and allows region free playback. This is because of the international system of DVD region codes. VLC is free and open source software for multimedia playback. and drop install (on Mac OS X) you will be able to go into your CD/DVD System Preferences and change the mapping of what to do when you insert a DVD from the Apple DVD Player to VLC. No. Only by replacing the DVD drive with a different model could you reset the firmware that controls region. This a firmware issue with the. Also, if your DVD player is not listed on the firmware page, it may not be hackable . Don't miss any of the cool things your phone can do. This article shows you what are DVD region codes, how to remove and make all DVDs region codes free instead of resetting DVD drive. DVD Player: About DVD-Video regions Learn how DVD Player in OS X If the disc supports more than one region, or is region-free, the On the fifth time, the drive is permanently set to use that region, and you cannot make. Best region free DVD player software is shared with you to directly play region for Mac/PC is capable of directly playing encrypted DVD without third party help. All you need to do is to insert DVD disc and then sit back with a cup of coffee. Mac laptops sold in the United States ship with DVD drives that let you play and Apple DVD Player (for Playing Discs from Your Home Region). 1. Connect the other end of the cable to a free USB port on the Mac desktop or laptop computer. you to change the default region code, then you do not have a Matshita drive.