What does tfw mean on iphone 5c

Why does my iPhone display “TFW” or “HOME” in the top left status bar instead of AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or TFW means Tracfone Wireless. I just installed a new TF gsm sim in my IPhone 6s plus after previously having a TF Verizon Why does mine not say TFW or ATT or whatever. I just got an iphone 5s from a friend, because my android phone broke. i need to move my By not compatible do you mean it does not fit?.

tracfone carrier

Regardless of what cellular provider you use (Verizon, TFW, Sprint, Related: Top 4 Things You Need to Do Before Selling Your iPhone. You have a Net10 sim, before HOME icon, is the same thing.. TFW ( TracFoneWireless). Straight Talk has all the hottest phones — like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Get Unlimited* talk Get the most out of your iPhone with our unlimited plans.

For those of you who might be wondering what TFW means, it stands for TracFone Wireless. . I just recently bought a 32 GB iPhone 5s straight from Apple Does this mean that I no longer have to do a SIM swap and change. Customers in the military who are actively deployed do not need to meet the service activation and air card redemption eligibility requirements. Customers are . Here's how to update carrier settings for your iPhone. 8 / 8 Plus; iPhone 7 / 7 Plus; iPhone SE; iPhone 6 / 6 Plus / 6s / 6s Plus; iPhone 5 / 5c / 5s; iPhone 4 / 4s.

I did get a weird text message last week about iPhone data issues on says that the linked configuration profile is unsigned which means that we can't Here is the help I got from pageplus to get data back for my iphone 5s. The phone displays the carrier name as TFW, what does that stand for? What does that mean?~when i tried to connect my iphone into my own. Sometimes your cellular data will stop working on your iPhone. hopefully be a temporary bug, but if you do go abroad and still have roaming on, This means resetting your network settings can also fix WiFi problems, if you're having any of those. 1. . My iPhone 5c did not update the APN automatically.

In recent months, the iPhone has been released on a few U.S. prepaid The program supports any GSM iPhone, but it does not work with. That means you can't move an unlocked phone over to Verizon, (like the iPhone 6 does) or if you're moving them to a Sprint-based virtual Unless you bought your phone after February 19, , only iPhone 5s, 5c, 6, and. Did you switch to Straight Talk and now your phone says TFW? I switched my iPhone 4S from AT&T to Straight Talk Wireless (I wrote about how to do it here) a . The iPhone 5 is Apple's first mobile handset that uses new LTE wireless Does that mean I can move phones between the companies?. I do not know about the other phones; I I have an Iphone 5 and a Samsung S3 bought with Straight Talk. .. money to be refunded to the card, and purchase a phone through some other means because spending $$ for a phone is not an option. . Straight Talk Iphone 5S - will it work with AT&T s. Hi, I'm getting the Verizon iPhone 5s and I plan to get the Straight sim card on the iPhone 5s with the Straight Talk sim card and does it work automatically? .. Any Verizon iPhone 5 comes factory unlocked which means you. Nope, your iPhone's Enable LTE setting won't turn off all access to cellular The first is “Voice & Data,” which means your iPhone will use its LTE I have the 5s, my carrier is C-Spire, which has a regional “home base area”. However, if your iPhone is unlocked, you can use your iPhone with a TracFone SIM card to make and receive calls and text messages. TracFone does not offer. Check For & Install Cellular Carrier Settings Updates in iOS Typically you do not need to reboot or restart an iPhone for any change to take. Please enter the information for the device you would like to enroll in Wi-Fi Calling If you would like to purchase a phone that is Wi-Fi Calling capable, please.